Where Are The Truly Clever Places To Hide Valuables?

Where Are The Truly Clever Places To Hide Valuables?

Many people have expensive things. We have jewelry, coins, money and even valuable heirlooms which are not only expensive, but in some cases, very personal. Storing them in a safety deposit box is very secure, but pricey and a hassle to get at – usually impossible at night or on weekends. Safes are good, but they can be cracked and having one installed is expensive. So, how can you keep your valuables safe in your home and away from possible thieves?

While using a secured location is best, it can be the most impractical. If you do choose to keep items of value in your home, the most practical way is to use one of two ways: misdirection and "The Purloined Letter".

Misdirection –  With such things as cola / food can and book "safes", hiding things like money and jewelry becomes a snap. Most thieves won’t think to search every book in your house to find large sums of money, nor will they usually take time to go into your kitchen cabinets or the fridge to look for valuables. Another great place is to hide things in the bathroom linen closet, under the towels.

"The Purloined Letter" – This essentially means the valuable is hiding in plain sight. For instance, unless a thief is well versed in antiquities or knows what they’re looking for, putting an expensive pearl necklace in the drawer with all the plastic and coral necklaces will pretty much mean it won’t be touched. Also, placing an expensive book on the library shelf with the others or valuable documents in a file folder in a filing cabinet means they’ll get overlooked as well.

Thieves are usually in a hurry and won’t take the time to "dig". While these methods won’t protect everything, having the right homeowners insurance will at least protect you financially if you do get robbed. Talk to Aimpro in Phoenix Arizona about your homeowners policy and make sure your valuables are truly covered. One phone call can literally give you protection you didn’t know you needed.

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