What To Do When Your iPad Is Stolen While On The Town

Your personal property is obviously protected by your insurance plan when it’s resting safely on your desk. However, what happens if it is stolen while you are at the gym or stopping by the library? You may need to extend your insurance coverage to include your vehicle and your personal bags if you want to always have the backup of replacement available. The right insurance plan will compensate you when a theft occurs so you can go out and get a new device.

When a theft does occur, start by calling the police and filing a report. You can also contact Apple to find out how your tablet’s built in security features can be used to locate it. Talk to your insurance company as well. If you are covered, you can file a claim and start planning for your new iPad. If you don’t already have coverage, make a call to Aimpro. They are ready to help people across Arizona get the home and personal insurance coverage they need.

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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