Well Water – What May Shock You

Well Water – What May Shock You

When looking at a new home, one aspect you may be seriously considering is well water as the water source for the home, especially in areas where water restrictions are common. This can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year since you essentially have unmetered water available to you under virtually any conditions. However, there are things you have to seriously consider about well water and steps you need to take to ensure the well on the property you’re interested in is all you think it will be.

Here are some tips you need to know about wells and well water:

– Keep in mind that underground water levels do change based on weather. Researching water levels in your area may tip you off as to whether your well will continue to supply you with water at all times. 

– Before you buy the property, have the well water tested by a reputable company you trust. Well water contamination, especially if the well is too close to the septic system,  can make a well totally unusable which means the well on the property may be worthless.

– Many well contaminants such as many forms of bacteria and silt are manageable with high quality filtration systems. Knowing what is in your well water besides water can keep you healthy. 

– Well conditions do change so create a testing schedule so you always know what is in your well water. 

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