Unique Easter Egg Dyeing Tips

Unique Easter Egg Dyeing Tips

Fun Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and if you have kids at home, chances are you have already been reminded that it is time to dye Easter eggs. If you are tired of the typical vinegar and food coloring, solid color egg dyeing experience, keep these unique egg dyeing tips in mind.

  • Use what you have – look around your house to see what you have to make your eggs a little more unique. From rubber bands to stickers, many household items can be used to put a new twist on solid colored Easter eggs.
  • Crayons – if your kids have ever left crayons outside in the sun, you know how easily they melt. Boil your eggs like normal, and then stick them into the oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes. Give your kids tongs or oven mitts to hold the eggs, and let them melt different color crayons straight onto the hot egg.
  • Kool-Aid – if you cannot stand the smell of vinegar, or have little ones that cannot keep their hands out of their mouth, use Kool-Aid to dye your eggs. Keep in mind that Kool-Aid does stain, so this is best to do over a sink or outside.
  • Sparkles – sparkly eggs will be the hit of the Easter egg hunt. Using liquid glue to put dots, squiggles, or any other design on the egg, and then sprinkle sparkles over the egg. Shake off the extra sparkles to see the design that you created.
  • Chalkboard – paint the whole egg with chalkboard paint, which is available at almost any hardware store. Once the paint is dry, use different colored chalk to decorate the egg. The best part about chalkboard eggs is that you can change up your design as many times as you want!

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