The Tune Up – The Secret To Keeping Your Vehicle Running Great Without Breaking The Bank

The Tune Up – The Secret To Keeping Your Vehicle Running Great Without Breaking The Bank

By Chris A. Harmen

A tune up for your vehicle is much more than just preventative maintenance. When your truck or car is running at peak performance, you will see a number of benefits to your wallet and your stress level. The services of a professional auto repair shop will help your vehicle run better with improved fuel economy and substantial cost savings. Better yet, your vehicle will suffer fewer breakdowns and the associated stress and cost for towing and repairs. A well tuned car also performs better to allow you to drive more safely and to react to road conditions, avoiding accidents.

So a tune up is not only vital for your car’s well being, but also for your well being. When looking for an auto repair shop, focus on finding shops that staff only ASME certified technicians and mechanics, while offering comprehensive services in a single location.

What To Look For In A Top Quality Auto Repair Shop

A tune up is much more than just a quick fix. Performed properly and thoroughly, professional and ASME certified mechanics will extend the life and value of a vehicle while anticipating and preventing future issues. Look for an auto repair shop that services any make and model, domestic or foreign, any year, and will work on cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some of the key tune up services your mechanic should include are:

• Complete belt inspection and replacement service

• Fuel injector and air intake cleaning

• Spark plug replacement (including spark plug wires) every 50,000 miles

• Oil change and lube every 3,000 miles or 3 months

• Air filter replacement as needed

• Fuel filter replacement before 50,000 miles

• Inspection of the distributor cap and replacement if it is worn or corroded

• PCV valve maintenance and repair

• Oxygen sensor service to ensure optimal combustion

• Brake check for worn parts and even braking

• Check battery charge and replace preemptively if it no longer holds a strong charge

This list covers most of the basic services in a thorough tune up, but each vehicle may require more or less work. By using ASME certified technicians, you can find an auto repair shop that knows exactly what your vehicle needs based on make, model, year, and driving habits.

More Tips For A Well Tuned Vehicle

When your vehicle is in for service, it makes sense to have its state inspection and emission inspection performed if required in your state. Utilize a shop that can perform both the physical and computer diagnostics to check your vehicle from headlight to taillight. Anticipating problems and fixing them before your vehicle breaks down saves you the cost of a tow and unexpectedly losing access to your vehicle. Plus, the technicians will know exactly how your vehicle is performing with these diagnostic checks and are able to fine tune the engine, power train, and drive train.

A thorough tune up from a professional auto repair shop will save you time, money and frustration in the long run of owning a vehicle.

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