Looking to Buy a Car? Be Aware of the Good and Bad Times!

Looking to Buy a Car? Be Aware of the Good and Bad Times!

If you have decided to buy a car, determine whether now is the right time to do it. Although you can purchase a car at any time of the year, it is ideal to do so when you can benefit from special offers, discounts, gifts, and other incentives. Continue reading to find out when you can save the most money on a new vehicle.

The Ideal Time to Buy a Car

  • End of the Year

    Use holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve to explore a great deal since you can locate year-end discount offers with them and make some great savings.

  • End of the Quarter/Month

    Dealers might be more open to negotiating a car’s price at the end of the month or quarter to hit their monthly or quarterly sales goals, allowing you to receive enticing discounts.

  • Long Weekends and Major Holidays

    Three-day weekends (which include Friday or Monday) and public holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, and Memorial Day are great times to uncover deals that will save you money.

  • Beginning of the Year

    The best time to purchase a used car is at the start of the year. ISeeCars.com reports that January and February have the greatest percentage of used automobile sales, each at 28.7%. And 22.1 percent, respectively.

  • End of a Model’s Lifecycle or Design Cycle

    When manufacturers stop production for a particular model, dealers will likely seek to clear their inventory with impressive discounts.

  • Starting of the Week

    Buying a car early in the week (Monday or Tuesday) will allow you to ask more questions, go on test drives, and negotiate the price.

  • When Dealers Provide Additional Perks

    It is best to use the times when dealers offer promotions, such as cash-back, complement services, and low or zero-down payments.

  • Early Fall

    New car models will arrive in the early fall, so dealers would like to clear their previous year’s models by providing discounts and negotiating prices.

Worst Times for a Car Purchase

  • Right After a New Model’s Launch

    Driving a bargain or making a deal when the car has just been introduced is hard.

  • Before It Arrives in Showrooms

    You cannot get price cuts or discounts for brand-new models before the dealers receive them in their lot.

  • Beginning of the New Month

    Starting off the month resets the salesperson’s monthly sales target, so they are less likely to save the deal by providing offers and discounts, as they have time to meet their target.

Alternatives for Finding a Good Deal on a Car

Sometimes, even during favorable periods, buying a car won’t help you negotiate prices or get great deals. Try the following alternatives in such circumstances:

  • If you cannot get a deal on the car you want, choose between other models, make, or colors.

  • You can buy used cars to get the kind of deal you want.

  • Leasing is another way to get the car you desire. Leasing tends to last 2-3 years; after that, you can start exploring the right deal.

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