Bybassing Burglary this Summer

Bybassing Burglary this Summer

Summer is the most common time for home break ins. Every 15 seconds a home is broken into during June and August, while windows are left open to let a breeze in and many families leave on vacation. Keep these tips in mind to help keep your home and belongings safe this summer.

  • Keep your lawn manicured and shrubs low. Large bushes provide good hiding places for burglars, and overgrown lawns are a sign that nobody has been home for a while.
  • Do not hide a key. Burglars know all the tricks of hiding keys, from under rocks to above door frames. If you tend to forget your key, give a spare to a trusted neighbor.
  • Pretend you have a dog. Even if you do not have a guard dog, investing in a “Beware of Dog” sign can help deter any potential burglars.


  • Close your blinds. Open blinds allow burglars to check out all expensive electronics you have. Keep your blinds closed at night and when you are not home to deter “window shopping.” ‘
  • Secure your TV. Most burglars do not spend a lot of time in a home, and if removing the TV is too time consuming, they will most likely give up on trying to take it.
  • Shred your trash. Credit card offers and junk mail with personal information can allow burglars to steal your identity along with your belongings.
  • Hide your valuables. Do not leave expensive items such as laptops or stereos out in the open where burglars can easily see them and grab them quickly. Never leave important documents out, and consider labeling them with deceptive labels to throw off burglars.

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