Summer is Home Burglary Season: Is Your Home Safe?

Summer is Home Burglary Season: Is Your Home Safe?

Don’t drop your guard in the summer burglary season.

It’s almost summer and that means most Americans are readying their barbecues or packing their bags for a fun vacation. Unfortunately, what many homeowners forget is that summer is peak season for home burglaries. From families leaving a property for 2 weeks to go on vacation and windows being left open for a cool breeze, there are many ways thieves can venture into your property this season. Here are some easy tips on how to protect your home this summer – and all year round!

Prevent a break in

The most popular entry point for a burglar is your front door. The average thief can break into a home in under a minute. Here are some tips to deter them away from your property.

  • Maintain your lawn and shrubbery. Tall greenery allows burglars to hide and an overgrown lawn could signal that you’re away.
  • Never hide your key outside of your property. It’s likely that a thief will find the key hiding under the plant pot.
  • Invest in a real home alarm system. There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that an alarm will sound when an entry point is broken.

Protect your belongings

If a burglar does make it past your front door, you’ll want to ensure that your valuables are well protected inside. Here’s how.

  • Consider securing your TV to a wall. Consoles and video games should be kept in locked drawers in your entertainment unit when not in use.
  • Never leave checks, credit cards, or even junk mail lying around. Store these items safely or shred them.
  • If you store cash at home and don’t have a safe, put larger sums of money in unlikely spots, like an envelope taped under your kitchen sink. Keep jewelry and watches hidden away, too.

Get coverage
One of the best ways to defend your home and finances against home burglary is to get insured. Homeowners insurance can help you in the event of a robbery.

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