Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Get your car summer ready with these tips. 

With the warm summer weather, many people take the opportunity to go out and visit family or go on a road trip. Summer offers the perfect time to experience a road trip that is fun for the whole family. But it is just as important to prepare your car for the heat of summer as it is to winterize it. With that in mind, we put together a few car maintenance tips you may want to follow.


The best and first thing you should do to prepare for summer conditions is to have your car checked and fixed. Now is the time to inspect the systems, ensuring that none are broken or worn out. It’s best to have everything fixed now before it causes a problem in the middle of a busy highway.

Windshield wipers

Prepare yourself for summer showers by inspecting your windscreen wipers. If they are wearing out or frequently leave smears and streaks on the screen, replace them immediately.


If you are going on a road trip, you need to be sure that your tires can withstand the distance. They should have good grip, plenty of tread, and be inflated to the correct psi. The summer heat can cause more tire blowouts due to the air inside the tires expanding. If you need a new set of wheels, consider doing so before the road trip in summer.


Summer heat can cause your engine to overheat so it’s wise to take precautions. If the heat dial shoots up or your engine starts to boil over, pull over immediately, pop the hood, and wait for it to cool down. Never pour water directly on a hot engine as this can do more damage than good.

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