Stay Safe Over the 4th

Stay Safe Over the 4th

Summer offers us one holiday, but it sure is a good one. The Fourth of July is a favorite. Is it any wonder with days spent in the sun, good food, and the day concludes with a fireworks show? Keep yourself and your family safe this fourth of July with these tips from

Sun Safety

Time in the sun can be a lot of fun, but without proper precautions, it can become dangerous very quickly.

  • Hydrate

Drink more than 64 ounces of water during a day that is spent outdoors in the heat. Make sure you drink consistently throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  • Protect

There are many ways to protect yourself and your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure to stay in the shade when possible–limiting your exposure. Always wear protective clothing including hats and sunglasses. In addition to clothing, wear (and reapply) a high SPF sunscreen.

Water Safety

Whether you are hitting up the pool or spending time on the beach, if water is part of your holiday, stay safe.

  • Supervision

If you are swimming with young children, make sure they are well supervised at all times, even if there is a lifeguard on duty.

  • Swim Smart

Do not dive headfirst, especially in unknown depths. Avoid currents or tides when swimming in oceans. Never swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are so much fun for kids and adults. If you are planning on hosting a fireworks show in your own yard remember:

  • Keep the Water Close

Just in case of any kind of emergency, make sure you have a good source of water nearby. Keep the water in a bucket or a bottle so that you can easily access it.

  • “Duds”

If you have a firework that appears to be a “dud” give it an appropriate wait time before getting close. Do not attempt to relight a “dud.”

  • All Clear

Light fireworks in a clear area–free from people, pets, homes, or trees. Clear out of areas where fireworks are being lit in an unsafe manner.

Grilling Safety

American food is the perfect way to celebrate Independence day. Invite your friends over to enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers.

  • Stay Put

Pick an appropriate area to grill where you are clear of any fire hazards. Once the grill has been turned on, stay there. Do not leave a grill unattended for any reason.

  • Appropriate Gear

Wear and use appropriate gear when grilling. Make sure the tools you are using have long handles are are made specifically for grilling. Keep your feet and hands covered when grilling.

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