Springing Into Cleaning And Home Maintenace!

Springing Into Cleaning And Home Maintenace!

Finally, after months of cold and dreary weather, winter has finally started to fade away. With Spring comes all those cleaning and home maintenance chores you’ve been looking forward to completing. Getting everything finished now means you’ll be able to truly enjoy the Spring weather and having a solid checklist is a great way to make sure everything gets done. 

You’ll have things on the checklist like emptying the shelves and dusting the corners, putting away the winter clothes and getting out the warm weather wear and even "unpacking" your lawn equipment and warm weather toys. However, you may skip one thing that could make a real difference, especially to your back pocket. 

As you go through all those drawers and closets, prep all the yard gear and take care of the other Spring cleaning chores, do a home inventory. You’ll be in every nook and cranny and updating your home inventory is easy to include while you’re doing everything else. Not only is a current inventory list important for police if a burglary occurs but updating the schedule list on your homeowners list makes sense too.

Without an updated schedule list, you may not have enough insurance coverage to compensate you for new jewelry, high end electronics or other valuables you have acquired since the last time the schedule list was updated. Working with your insurance agent, and if you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Aimpro is the firm to work with, you’ll be able to update your homeowners policies to make sure you have the coverage you need. Give them a call today and get a quote on updating your homeowners policy. Then Spring cleaning and maintenance will be complete!

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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