Smartphone Apps for You & Your Car

Smartphone Apps for You & Your Car

Install these handy smartphone apps for easy driving!

Motorists have a lot to think about while driving – neighboring cars, merging vehicles, the speed limit, their route, and adjusting the radio. Fortunately, handy dandy apps have been invented to make driving easy, safe, and fun for all motorists!

Check out these three apps that can ease your daily driving. Not only can they save you a bundle of time on the road, but it ensures the seamless commute that you’ve always wanted.

Honk – With this app, you no longer have to worry about where you parked and how much time you had on the meter! You can mark where you parked with a GPS pin, keep track of your time, and you can locate nearby coffee shops, ATMs, or gas stations!

Gas Buddy – Why pay more for gas when you don’t have to? Driving around comparing prices is a hassle and a tank-drainer. Luckily, this app allows users to skip this aimless wandering by locating nearby gas stations and what their prices are!

Songza – For road trips and daily commutes alike, Songza allows you to search for music and playlists based on your mood, genre, artist, activity, or decade. The playlists can be tailored down to specific feelings (think “driving in the second lane”), so be sure to grab this app for the perfect soundtrack!

Waze: The king of navigation apps, Waze offers multiple routes, real-time traffic updates, notifications about speed traps, and the power to compare gas station prices around you. It’s updated by regular drivers and is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. If the traffic ahead is predicted to have you sitting on the freeway for hours, the app will automatically re-route you so you avoid it!

Now that you have all the apps you need to keep your drives short and fun, be sure to obtain the protection that you and your car deserves. Contact Aimpro Insurance to secure your auto insurance coverage in Phoenix and neighboring cities of Arizona.

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