Seasonal Fire Safety Tips

Seasonal Fire Safety Tips

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that fire can’t happen in your home.  Every year nationwide, there are an estimated 250 home fires which involve Christmas trees and an additional 170 which involve holiday lights and other decorations. This year, do your best to protect your house and family from the most common winter fire hazards with these handy tips.

Never leave the stove on when you exit the kitchen and always attend an open flame.  While candles can add a wonderful seasonal atmosphere to your home, remember that they also provide a source of heat and can spread even a contained fire without careful attention.

Do not leave the house while the oven is on; ensure that someone is attending it at all times.

Keep Christmas trees and decorations away from sources of heat.  Fireplaces, hot lights, radiators, warmer plates, stoves, and ovens can all create dangerous incendiaries when paired with a fuel source.

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