Safe Biking on Phoenix Streets

Safe Biking on Phoenix Streets

Phoenix, Arizona is a perfect venue for those who enjoy biking. The striking blue skies continue in winter, but bring cooler temperatures, ideal conditions for serious biking. The new bike sharing program, Grid Bike, will put hundreds of additional bikes on Phoenix streets and thoroughfares.

These additional bikes–and riders–need proven tips to stay safe on area roads. Bike safety is taking center stage in Phoenix and other locations in America, as more bicycles appear on city streets. Here are some suggestions to ride safely.

  • Be sure your bike fits you properly. A road bike should have one or two inches of space between the bike frame and your body. This space should be three to four inches when you’re riding a mountain bike.
  • Know–and follow all the rules of the road. Develop street wise knowledge of bike rules. For example, you must ride on the right with autos and obey all traffic signals and signs. Like driving a motorized vehicle, drive defensively, anticipating potential hazards.
  • Wear a helmet. Protect yourself with a bike helmet, whether required or not. It can save you from disastrous injuries.
  • Insure your bike, as valuable personal property, under your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

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