Five Reasons You Need to Take a Home Inventory

Five Reasons You Need to Take a Home Inventory

A home inventory list can help you in your time of need.

It seems that as we move through every stage of life, we accumulate more and more things: an inherited bookcase here, a top of the line TV there. Yet, when it comes to knowing the value of how much we own, homeowners are often way off point. That’s why we need a home inventory handy.

Most homeowners know that it’s a good idea to have a home inventory list. However, many homeowners and renters still don’t have one. Here are five good reasons why everyone should create a home inventory.

  1. No one wants to think about losing some or all of their possessions, yet, accidents happen. Theft, fire, floods, and natural disasters threaten homeowners’ belongings just as much as the physical home’s structure. A home inventory allows insurers to know exactly what items you lost in the event of a covered peril, and how much to compensate you.
  2. The more precise you can be in your claim, the better! If you have documentation of your possessions and how much you paid for them in your inventory, you will run into fewer hassles when it comes to getting the proper amount of payment back.
  3. A home inventory helps to give you peace of mind after a major accident.
  4. Updating your list after each major purchase is a simple step that can save you worry and hassle in the long run. Conduct a home inventory and update it regularly so that your belongings are always protected.
  5. Your home inventory list can also protect you in other situations, such as if you’re moving, planning your estate, or need the information for tax purposes.

With all of these reasons for making a home inventory, why delay in making or updating your home inventory? For the reliable homeowners insurance that you need for home and belongings, contact the professionals at AimPro Insurance, serving Phoenix and neighboring cities in Arizona today.

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