Easy and Quick Changes to Make for a Healthier You

Easy and Quick Changes to Make for a Healthier You

Your daily checklist of well-being tips.

Most of us hear the word ‘well-being’ and assume that only advanced yogis, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners can achieve such a state of being. It’s a common fallacy that everyday people working the daily grind and living busy lifestyles can’t perfect their overall well-being. Well-being is actually nothing more than small daily choices that lead up to lifelong changes. Anyone can achieve wellness – and here’s how to lead a healthier lifestyle that suits you.

Eat berries with breakfast. Berries are an incredible food, rich in nutrients for our brain, aid digestion, and prevent all sorts of diseases. Adding ½ a cup of your choice of frozen or fresh berries to your morning smoothie, oatmeal or yogurt is a great source of vitamin C to kick start your immune system.

Eat good fats. Healthy fats are fuel for a good mood and body. They can promote good heart health, reduce cholesterol, and contain no harmful side effects of animal-based saturated fats. Reach for raw coconut, avocados, almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and olives to get your daily dose of healthy fats.

Don’t oversit your welcome. Many of us know the health risks that come with sitting too long: it makes you tired, causes brain fog, increases your insulin levels, and slows down your metabolism.

Head outside every day. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or walk through your local park every day. Being active outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes is a great way to lift your spirits without even trying. It prevents depression, benefits our brains, and exposes us to the most natural source of vitamin D (the sun!).

Walk or jog often. This might sound difficult but it’s easier than you think. Getting up earlier will give you plenty of time to get in a good walk or jog. Moving first thing in the day boosts your serotonin levels, energizes the body, and helps you focus better throughout the day.

Stay hydrated. Instead of heading to the vending machine for a sugar boost midday, try downing a glass or two of water. Even mild dehydration can affect your mood and even have you reaching for the nearest snack. Stay hydrated throughout the day to benefit your mood and body.

Use these well-being tips to help live a healthier life. Whether you’re improving your diet or stepping in the gym more often, leave the insurance policies to us. Contact the professionals at AimPro Insurance for your insurance policies in Phoenix, Arizona today!

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