Three Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning

*By Jared James

I recently held our first training call with our new virtual coaching platform, and noticed that the one topic that drew the most interest was when I covered “the three questions to ask yourself every single morning.” By simply asking these three questions, you will find that you can be more productive and have better direction for your day.

Here are the three questions:

1. What –
The first question to ask yourself every day is, “What do I want to accomplish today?” It is such a direct question that forces you to focus on a specific direction for the day. Most of us wake up most mornings and do whatever shows up on our desk or in our inbox. Please remember this though – not all movement is progress and it is important not to confuse the difference between achievement and activity. One gets you something in the end while the other just keeps you busy and tired. What do you want to accomplish today?

2. How – Now that you know what you want to accomplish, the real question is how do you plan to accomplish it? We do not get to wherever we are by accident. If I want to go to my friend’s house, no matter how close it may be to where I currently am, if I don’t follow the exact directions to get there I will never find myself at his place. The same is true with your business. You can want to create more transactions or sell more products but if you don’t have a plan on how to do it, you will unfortunately find yourself in the place of activity and not achievement.

3. Who – It is crucial to be aware of who you choose to surround yourself with each and every day. Your environment has everything to do with your success and your environment is not only controlled by what you do to have an effect on your own state, but also by the mood that those around you bring to the table. We all know people that make us feel good when they are around us, and we all also know people who view everything as always miserable, the glass is always half empty and they are not happy unless you are not happy with them. Remember that there is a transfer made between you and everyone that you come in contact with. You need to be in synch with what the people you are choosing to surround yourself with on a daily basis are going to transfer to you. Do they help or hurt your cause for the day?

By asking yourself these three very simple questions you should find that you are more productive and have a purpose for each day. Success doesn’t happen by accident. Tony Robbins once said, “Success leaves clues.” Have a great day!

Jared James is the CEO and Founder of Jared James Enterprises, an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer. James built one of the fastest-growing real estate teams in the country, was inducted into the International Hall of Fame for one of the world’s largest real estate companies and wrote a best-selling book—all before the age of 28. As an acclaimed speaker, James keynotes events for major real estate organizations and conducts regular webinars and training for nationally known organizations like NAR, CRS, Yahoo Real Estate, Trulia and Zillow Academy and blogs regularly for RISMedia.

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