Protecting your Identity this Holiday Season

Protecting your Identity this Holiday Season

Your identity is your most valuable commodity and protecting it should be a top priority.  Holidays can provide ample opportunity for predators to take advantage of you and your information.  Protect yourself with these handy tips:

Lock your smart phone, tablet, and laptop when not in use.  Putting a simple passcode on your portable electronics can greatly increase their security and yours (especially if you have stored data on them such as passwords, credit card, or PayPal information).

When you’re shopping online, remember to stick to trusted websites (and known internet connections).  In the era of wireless data transfer, your best bet to keep your information secure is to funnel it through secure channels.  This is particularly important when traveling; make sure that the wireless network you are using to shop is private and secure.

Monitor your transactions closely to ensure that you are familiar with your expenditures.  This way, if your information were to fall into the wrong hands, you could resolve the issue before much damage might be done.

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