Protect Your Home While You Are Vacationing

During the summer months, it is important to make sure that you have the insurance protection you need on your home. Break-ins increase during the months of July and August because people like to travel; therefore, it is essential that you protect your home from loss.

Leaving your home vacant for more than 30 days means your homeowner’s insurance may not cover your home. In these instances, if you experience a fire or theft, then you are responsible for replacing your own items without the help of your insurance company. To protect your home get a vacant home insurance policy from your insurance agency.

With a vacant homeowner’s policy, your insurance provider may require you to increase the security around your home. For instance, you may be required to install an alarm system, winterize your home and install sturdier locks on your windows and doors.

If your insurance company doesn’t offer vacant home insurance you can get coverage in Arizona from Aimpro. They provide a range of insurance products to meet your needs and protect you from loss.