Preserving the Proposal & Jewelry Insurance

Preserving the Proposal & Jewelry Insurance

You’ve selected the perfect stone, the perfect setting, and the perfect moment.  Everything is in place for a bright and wonderful future for your partner.  But if you’re considering a proposal over the holidays, you should also ensure that your ring is covered under your insurance policy.

As the cost of gold and platinum rises, many high-end pieces of jewelry require their own form of coverage.  Luckily adding Jewelry coverage to your current policy is a snap with Aimpro.  Here are a few things to think about when considering jewelry insurance:

Review your current coverage.  Homeowner’s and renter’s policies often have coverage limits.  Know what this is for you and if that will cover your valuables.

Ensure that significant items are "scheduled" (or individually listed) on your policy.  Insurers are vigilant about adjusting the replacement value of your home on a yearly basis, but the value of scheduled items you will generally have to inflate on your own.  Ensure that you get your ring appraised at regular intervals to keep this information up-to-date.

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