Phoenix Resources that Encourage Safe Teen Driving

Phoenix Resources that Encourage Safe Teen Driving

If you have teenagers, you know how important it is for them to develop safe driving habits. The highest accident rates occur among teen drivers 16-19 years of age. The following resources may be helpful in increasing your teen’s safety on the road.

Driver’s Ed – Driver’s Ed courses teach teens how to drive safely and responsibly. They also provide teens with extra driving experience with a qualified driver.

Knowledge of Driving Laws – All teens should be aware of the driving laws in the state where they live. In Phoenix, teens are required to complete a minimum of 30 supervised driving hours before they are eligible to obtain a Graduated Driver License. With this license, teens can only drive with adult (18 yrs. and over) passengers (with the exception of the teen’s siblings).

Parental Control – As many teen car accidents occur at night, parents should consider instituting a cutoff time for night driving, until their teen has gained more driving experience. A GPS car tracking service is another resource you can use to monitor your teen’s driving habits and keep track of his whereabouts.

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