The Underrated And Overrated Safety Features You May Have In Your Car

The Underrated And Overrated Safety Features You May Have In Your Car

Modern vehicles come with all sorts of bells and whistles. Built to be safer than ever before, many of today’s cars have accident preventing technology and life-saving equipment installed inside. Here are some the most underrated and overrated safety technology parts that cars have today!


  • Electronic Stability Control: This technology prevents vehicles from skidding sideways or losing control, and it can be extremely helpful. It keeps vehicles on track by monitoring a driver’s steering, applying the brakes, and adjusting the engine’s power with the goal of preventing life-threatening accidents.
  • Daytime Running Lights: These are headlights that are on whenever you drive your car, whether it is day or night. They are meant to make it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle and prevent head-on collisions. Almost all studies show that this safety technology reduces daytime crashes, so its purpose is largely fulfilled.
  • Side Air Bags: We all know that air bags save lives, but we usually attribute this to frontal airbags. Frontal airbags decrease deaths by 29% but the easily forgotten side air bags are even more successful, decreasing accident fatalities by 37% in cars and 52% in SUVs.


  • Anti-lock Brakes: Meant to prevent drivers from skidding on wet or icy roads or when they brake too hard. This technology tracks the speed of each wheel, and if a wheel starts to lock, the brake releases allowing the wheel to turn again. Real world conditions do not show this technology to be as helpful as it seemed in testing, but it is still moderately successful in preventing accidents.
  • Hands-free Cellphone Devices: These devices are advertised as godsends that keep drivers from becoming distracted when talking to others on the phone. There is no clear benefit to using hands-free devices because talking on the phone regardless of the method is a distraction while you are driving.

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