New, Smart Smoke Alarm Systems

New, Smart Smoke Alarm Systems

Smart Smoke Alarms

Since the invention of smoke alarms, thousands of lives have been saved. Even though smoke alarms are working to save lives, they are not able to prevent every fatality caused by house fires. Luckily, new smoke alarm technologies that are working to drop the number of deaths associated with fires are now available. Consider installing these smart smoke alarms in your house to keep your family safe and sound.

  • Nest Protect – Nest first came onto the market with its smart thermostats, but they are now expanding even further with their smart smoke alarms. These alarms will not only alert you to smoke in your house, but also carbon monoxide. The system will also hook up to your smart phone and will notify you if there is an emergency or if the batteries are running low.
  • Birdi – Birdi is called a “smart air monitor” by its co-inventor and sniffs the air for smoke as well as other allergens and pollutants. In addition, Birdi will also work to sense the temperature, carbon monoxide levels particle density, and humidity in your house. Particle density sensing is important to helping to detect fog in your house.
  • First Alert SA320CN – although the SA320CN is not a smart smoke alarm, it is a dual sensor smoke alarm. It uses both photoelectric and ionization sensors, which allows it to detect both fast flaming and smoldering fires in your house.

As an added bonus, installing a smart smoke alarm in your house may be able to help you save on your homeowners insurance premiums, since there is less of a chance that your home will be a complete loss after a fire.

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