Moving? What’s Covered During a Move?

Buying a new home or renting an apartment is the easy part. Moving is where a person discovers what they are made of. Whether you are just starting out or have spent years accumulating your treasures, you want to make sure your insurance covers your property while it is in transit from one home to the other.

Renter’s insurance and homeowners insurance cover items while they are in the residence. During a move, you may need to have extra insurance added to your existing policy. This ensures you have adequate coverage to replace any items that are lost or damaged.

Moving is a lot of hard work, but once you are settled in your new home a sense of relief washes over you. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area and are preparing to move into a new home or apartment, you can contact Aimpro Insurance to find out what your homeowners policy covers. Knowing what kind of coverage you have will benefit you if items are lost or stolen during the move.

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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