Location and Commutes: What Employees Really Want

Location and Commutes: What Employees Really Want

Some employees want to work near their suburban homes. Others prefer the energy of the city. Some prospective hires may want an easy commute on public transportation. Others prefer to drive, which makes ample parking a priority. 

Location and transportation issues matter to employees. It’s challenging to provide for everyone’s wants those. A city facility may lack affordable parking options, while suburban sites are often far from public transportation. Still, if your company wants to attract and retain qualified employees, attention to their living and commuting preferences could prove helpful.

According to a 2013 survey by the Urban Land Institute, younger workers prefer to live in the city rather than the suburbs, would rather rent than own, and prefer easy access to public transportation. Not very surprising. Older, more experienced workers (ie., the baby boomers) are more likely to prefer suburban or single-home developments, and to own their homes. At the same time, the older demographic expressed a strong interest in shorter or easier commutes.

Given these preferences, firms may want to explore ways to help ease employee commutes: subsidized parking, shuttle buses from public transportation stops or telecommuting.

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