Keep Your Home Safe for Trick or Treaters This Halloween in Phoenix, AZ

Looking forward to Halloween? A few botched Halloween pranks can drive your insurance rates up if you’re not careful, so Phoenix homeowners would do well to keep these safety tips in mind.

Be Allergen-Aware

It’s a good idea to keep multiple types of candy on hand and to let the kids pick them from a bowl. This way you don’t wind up giving chocolate covered peanuts to somebody who can’t touch them without getting a rash.

Keep Cleaning Materials on Hand

If your house gets egged, you’ll want to take the hose and soap to it right away. Letting eggs sit for even a few hours can start to do some real damage to your paint.

Keep Everything Well Lit

You don’t need children hurting themselves on your property and their parents holding you liable. Keep things well lit so that nobody gets hurt.

Talk to your Phoenix Aimpro office if you have any insurance related questions. Halloween is a minefield of possible liability cases with all the people traversing your lawn all evening, so play it safe.

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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