Keep These Essential Supplies in Your Car!

Keep These Essential Supplies in Your Car!

Driving essentials you should carry in your vehicle.  

While the treacherous winter weather is behind us, it doesn’t mean that driving is plain sailing. We should always be prepared for the unexpected as motorists – throughout all seasons. Here’s a checklist of everything you should carry in your car in case you’re caught out by adverse conditions or an accident.

Engine Oil

Even modern cars burn some engine oil, meaning that every driver should carry a can of engine oil in the trunk. When you need some urgently, you’ll be glad you’ve been carrying it around.

Screen Wash

Spring can be a time of mud, pollen, and dirty windshields. Ensure that you carry an extra bottle of screen wash so that you can top up your tank so that you can easily clean your windows for better visibility.

Reflective Triangles

For a few bucks, reflective triangles alerts other vehicles that your vehicle is stationary and has broken down. Store at least three in your vehicle so that you can put them directly behind your vehicle. If the road curves, place the reflective triangles ahead of the bend to warn approaching cars.


The only thing worse than getting stranded is getting stuck in the dark. Be sure that you carry a flashlight (and extra batteries) so that you can look under the hood and car if need be.


Water can help you in many situations. If you’ve broken down, it’s still essential to stay hydrated. In addition, water can also help with run-of-the-mill car problems, like engaging in a roadside repair on your car or stranger’s car.

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