It’s Summer! Make Sure your Boat is Properly Insured

It’s Summer! Make Sure your Boat is Properly Insured

Summer 2013 is the perfect time of the year to enjoy boating with friends, family and other loved ones. The problem is that your boat insurance may not be appropriate for your current plans. Before you take your boat out on the water this year, take the time to check your coverage.

Read the Policy

Review your current policy to determine if it is still appropriate for your needs. Look at the policy and evaluate what is covered and what is not under your current plan. If you plan to have more passengers on your boat this year, then it may be necessary to add to the coverage.

Renew the Policy

After you know what is necessary to add, remove or adjust for your summer needs, renew your policy. Make the appropriate adjustments and look at any discounts that may apply to your account. It may be necessary to make a few changes to get the most out of your current policy.

Getting the right coverage for your boat requires careful planning and preparation. Reviewing your current policy and making changes is a necessary step of enjoying your summer plans. To learn more about protecting your assets in Phoenix, contact Aimpro.

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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