Is my Babysitter Covered Driving my Car?

Is my Babysitter Covered Driving my Car?

When you hire a babysitter to take care of your children, it may be necessary for him or her to drive children to extracurricular activities. Although the babysitter is not a family member, your coverage will protect your children and the sitter from possible problems.

The average auto insurance plan will protect any driver as long as you have given your express permission for the sitter to drive the vehicle. This means that even if the individual is not actually on the account as a primary driver, occasionally giving your children a ride to dance lessons, karate classes or school events will not put them or your sitter at risk.

When the babysitter is driving your children as much as you are, it may be a good idea to have him or her added to your policy account. The reason is that the primary drivers of the vehicle are the individuals on the account.

If you are not sure whether to add the sitter to your account or not, then consider the amount of driving involved. Short and occasional drives do not require the addition of the sitter to your policy as long as you give permission. To learn more about auto coverage in Phoenix, contact Aimpro.

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