Enjoy Smooth Summer Sailing with Boat Insurance!

Enjoy Smooth Summer Sailing with Boat Insurance!

Is your boat fully protected for the summer season?

Now that spring is well and truly upon us in Phoenix, Arizona, many are dusting off their boat to prep for the first waves of summer. Before you head out on the open shores, take a moment to review your boat insurance so that you can cruise the waves, protected!

If you, your passengers, or boat were to face damage, would you struggle to keep your head above water? Incidences such as a liability lawsuit or damage to the boat can set you back financially. This is where boat insurance steps in to protect your boat and crew from harm.

Check out what boat insurance can cover:

  • Watercraft medical payments coverage – This helps pay for medical costs if you or anyone on your boat is injured in an accident.
  • Watercraft liability coverage – If there’s an accident, this covers the medical expenses for the injured as well as the costs of repairing another person’s boat or property.
  • Property coverage – This covers damages from collisions as well as theft, fire, and vandalism.
  • Emergency services – If you’re stranded out at sea, this coverage covers the cost of towing and labor and the cost of delivering fuel, oil, or a battery.
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage – If you’re in an accident with an uninsured boater, this helps to pay for injuries that you, your family, or anyone else on your boat sustains.
  • Personal effect coverage – This can cover your personal items on the boat, such as your fishing equipment.
  • Boat trailer coverage – Transporting your boat? Your auto insurance likely doesn’t cover any damages that should happen on the road. However, boat trailer coverage does.

Not only does boat insurance cover the essentials, but you can feel rest assured that your crew and possessions are protected! How about that for carefree sailing?

Are you ready to set sails on the summer waters, fully protected? Contact Aimpro Insurance to secure all of your boat insurance needs that will see you through summer and beyond in Phoenix and neighboring cities in Arizona.

Author: Aimpro Insurance
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