Summer Accidents & How Insurance Can Protect You!

Typically, summers are spent grilling outdoors, playing in pools, and having beach bonfires. These activities offer many opportunities to make memories with the ones you love, as well as opportunities for accidents. Here are a few possible summer disasters, and how you should prepare for them, insurance-wise:

  • Fires: Most fire-related accidents will be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. This remains the case even if the fire is your fault. However, to decrease your risk, be sure to keep your grill a minimum of 10 feet away from your home, and any other structure on your property including trees, barns, and garages.
  • Pool accidents: If you are a pool owner, you should look into purchasing an umbrella insurance policy. Typically, your homeowners policy will not be enough to cover the extra liability posed by your pool. Be sure to keep an eye on any small children or poor swimmers to prevent accidental drowning. Additionally, you may feel better about letting people enjoy your pool if you are certified in CPR.
  • Hurricanes: Summer is hurricane season, so be sure to purchase flood insurance! Your home will not be covered by your homeowners policy if it is damaged by either a flood or a hurricane. Policies are much more affordable for those who live in low-risk areas for flooding. Therefore, you should purchase a policy even if you don’t think you will need it, and avoid the risk!

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Author: Aimpro Insurance
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