What Insurance Does Your College Student Need?

Sending your child off to college is never an easy task as a parent. While you want your child to be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with going off to college, you also want to make sure that they stay safe. Investing in the right back to school insurance policies is the best way to protect your child while they are off at college.

  • Homeowners insurance. If your child is moving into a dorm that is on-campus, your homeowners insurance policy will typically provide enough coverage for what your child brings with them, since the policy provides a limited amount of coverage for assets that are kept at a separate residence. Make sure to contact your insurance agent to ensure that you have enough coverage for all of their belongings.
  • Renter’s insurance. If your child is moving into an off campus house or apartment, a renter’s insurance policy will provide the right amount of coverage. Make sure to invest in your own policy since your child’s belongings will not be covered under the landlord’s policy or renter’s insurance policies that are held by their roommates.
  • Auto insurance. If you child is taking their car to school with them, make sure that they have enough coverage to protect them from any accidents that happen while they are enjoying their feelings of freedom. If your child is not taking their car, and they are going to school over 100 miles away, you may be able to qualify for a distant student discount that will help to lower your insurance premiums. Also make sure to ask your insurance agent for a good student discount if your child has a “B” average or better.

For all of your insurance needs in Arizona to ensure that your child is covered while at college, contact the insurance experts at Aimpro Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona. We will provide you with the best coverage to ensure that your child is properly protected while they are away.



Author: Aimpro Insurance
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