Improving Home Security Can Lower Home Insurance Costs

Improving Home Security Can Lower Home Insurance Costs

It’s no surprise that Americans are looking for more ways to save money than ever before. They are changing their spending habits and finding creative ways to cut costs. But some Americans are missing out on a big savings opportunity that is under their own roof- the cost of their homeowner’s insurance. There are some easy ways for homeowners to reduce rates, while improving the safety of their home. All Home Security provides the following home security tips to help reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance.

Home security monitoring – Install a monitored home alarm system. Monitored systems connect houses to the police, fire departments and other local authorities in case of an emergency. Many insurance companies will reduce rates by up to 20% for homeowners who install monitored security systems.

Fire resistance – Homes made of fire-resistant materials like brick and masonry can qualify for rate reductions of up to 15%. If a home is built with other materials, it can still qualify for discounts if it has fire and smoke monitoring and none of the residents smoke.

Secure doors – Installing deadbolt locks on all exterior doors is one of the easiest ways to earn a discount on homeowner’s insurance. Other precautions like installing fire sprinklers or having a fire extinguisher in-home can reduce costs, but homeowners should always check with their provider to see what qualifies.

It’s all about location – Homes located close to fire stations often qualify for reduced insurance rates. Home fires are one of the leading causes of property damage, so companies are willing to give discounts for homes in close proximity to emergency personnel. It’s something new home buyers should always consider.

Making a home disaster-resistant – Installing storm shutters, sturdy roofing materials, hail-proof shingles and other protective materials can significantly reduce insurance rates. Almost anything that makes a home more resistant to disasters like flooding and hurricanes will lower costs. This can include updates to a home’s heating and plumbing, along with cutting down trees and dead branches that pose a threat to the home.

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