How Your Furry Friend Will Affect Your Home Insurance

How Your Furry Friend Will Affect Your Home Insurance

Pets and Home Insurance

Before you bring a furry friend into your home, there are many factors to consider, such as where they will sleep and if they have enough room to play. It is also important to consider how your pet will affect your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Homeowner’s insurance providers consider all pets a safety risk since even well trained pets can be unpredictable in stressful situations. Since any pet has the potential to cause harm to a person, most insurance companies will increase your rates when you welcome a pet into your home. Insurance providers also have the option to deny your insurance policy if they feel that your pet poses too big of a risk.

Even though dogs are one of the most common household pets, they also pose one of the biggest risks to homeowner insurance providers. Dogs bite over 4 million people each year, and almost 1 million of those bites require medical attention. When deciding on your home insurance premium, your insurance provider will look at what type of dog you have. If your dog is considered an aggressive bread, you will probably have to pay more for your insurance coverage than if you have a pooch that is not considered aggressive. Keep in mind that what you may think will be considered an aggressive breed may not be. Large dogs are not any more likely to bite someone than small dogs are. Insurance companies will look at each pet on an individual case to decide on insurance premiums.

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