How to Control Dust in Your Home

How to Control Dust in Your Home

Get on top of dust once and for all with these tips!

For those allergic among us, dust and dust mites can be more than just an unsightly nuisance. Dust can trigger allergic reasons like itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes, and more. While it may seem that dust seems to settle in your home within minutes of cleaning, there are some ways you can get on top of your home’s dust. Here are some effective measures to control the dust in your home.

Use a damp cloth. Instead of dusting with a dry cloth (which just reshuffles just around the home), use wet or oiled cloths, sponges, or mops. Wash soiled cloths, mop heads, and sponges in hot water before reusing to get all of the dust off the material.

Change your bedding. Bed sheets and pillow are common spots for dust to hang out. A lot of that is to do with your dead skin cells, which are also one of the largest contributors to household dust. Wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week and use an allergen-proof cover on your mattress.

Regularly groom your pets. Cats and dogs shed a lot of hair, particularly in the summer months. Regular grooming is essential to help keep dead skin and pet hair from gathering. As a bonus, your furry friends always feel better when they’re groomed and it gives you a chance to do a quick health check, too!

Get an air purifier. Dust particles move around by floating through the air until they find a place to settle. By adding an air purifier to your home, lots of these particles will be sucked up before they get the chance to settle anywhere. In turn, you’ll reduce the accumulation of dust on surfaces and in the air.

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