Is Your Home Properly Covered for a Disaster?

Is Your Home Properly Covered for a Disaster?

Protecting your house and home with reliable insurance.

Across the nation, we continue to see earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, and major disasters that threaten daily life and livelihood. Extreme weather is as terrifying as it is uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to make sure that your property is covered in the event of a disaster.

Homeowners should be sure to keep their homeowners insurance policies up to date and suitable for their coverage needs. To determine if your home is covered from a disaster, read on.

Do you have enough insurance to rebuild your home?

Many consumers confuse the real estate value of their homes with what it would cost to rebuild. In reality, the cost of materials has gone up due to an increased global demand. Consider the replacement cost (repair and replacement of damaged property with materials of a similar kind of quality) and inflation guard (automatically adjusts the rebuilding costs of your home to reflect recent changes in construction costs) when updating your policy.

Do you have a current home inventory?

Conducting a home inventory is ideal to show and record what items of value you own. Doing so can also help you to choose the right amount of coverage that you need – and to find out if any items are excluded. If you have an up-to-date home inventory and adequate property homeowners insurance, you have a better chance of receiving coverage to restore your belongings.

Do I have enough coverage for additional living expenses?

Coverage for additional living expenses pays the extra costs of temporarily living away from your home if you can’t live in it due to an insured disaster. From hotel bills to restaurant meals, this coverage can help you to pay for the additional expenses.

Do you lack disaster coverage?

While coverage from many disasters is included in a standard homeowners insurance policy, many are not. Flood coverage and earthquake coverage are two common hazards that are excluded, and homeowners will need to purchase additional insurance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Secure your home with quality homeowners insurance so that you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible after a disaster. Get started on your tailored policy today by contacting the Arizona professionals at AimPro Insurance.

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