What to Consider Before Going Solar

What to Consider Before Going Solar

A handy guide for navigating an emerging, eco-friendly industry.

If you’re committed to living a greener lifestyle or even simply eager to enjoy lower energy bills, then choosing a renewable source of energy is the way to go. Many homeowners opt for solar panels, which turn the sun’s daylight into usable energy. Solar panels are, quite simply, handy for your wallet and the environment!

But before you hire a contractor for the installation, there are certain considerations to take into account.

Examine Your Roof

If your roof is covered in the shade most of the day throughout the year, it may not have a favorable enough ‘solar window’ to justify the cost of the panels. More so, if you have an older home with an unstable roof, solar panels could make a bad situation even worse. If there is enough space and sunlight, solar panels can be installed on most roofs. Hire a construction professional to assess the roof for flaws or structural issues.

Explore the Types of Solar Panels

There are now dozens of solar panel manufacturers offering everything from frameless solar panels to high-performance models that can withstand high wind loads. Take your time to compare different types of panels, brands, and costs to determine the perfect fit for your home. You can then get an idea of shipping and installation costs to get an overall price for a specific model.

Tally the Installation Costs

Outside of the cost of solar panels, the installation may be your biggest expenses when converting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ll need to find a reputable installer with a strong track record of good online reviews. Do your homework and call up a couple of potential contractors. You should also ask if he or she can provide a discount to existing customers when the solar panel maintenance and repair services are due.

Know the Rules

Depending on where you live, you may need to apply for permission. Compose a file with the construction plan, contractor information, and your location to your local council. Bear in mind that this may incur some expenses and you may have to wait several weeks to get it approved.

Call Your Insurer

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to improve the value and efficiency of your home. Call your insurance provider to let them know about the changes and how you can update your home insurance to receive the right amount of coverage.

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