Stay Safe This Summer With These Tips

Stay Safe This Summer With These Tips

Summer Safety Tips

With summer just around the corner, you may find yourself spending more time outside to enjoy the weather. While getting outside is generally good for your health, there are also some safety issues to take into consideration. Keep these summer safety tips in mind to ensure that you can fully enjoy the season.

  • Block out the sun – the sun is most intense during the summer, which makes it even more important to put on your sunscreen whenever you are headed outside. Even if it is a little overcast, always apply sunscreen that has at least 15 SPF.
  • Keep on floating – make sure your children know that they should never play around water unless there is an adult present. Floaties are not the same as parental supervision.
  • Wear a helmet – if you are headed out for a family bike ride, make sure that everyone has a properly fitting helmet, even if you are just headed down the street to a friend’s house.
  • Stay hydrated – the hot weather can easily cause you to get dehydrated. Make sure that you and your child drink plenty of liquid throughout the day, and take breaks to cool down. If you think that your child is suffering from heat stroke, call the paramedics immediately.
  • Prevent bug bites – not only can bug bites be irritating, but they can also cause serious harm. Bugs can transmit many different diseases through their bites. Use bug spray that contains DEET to help keep you and your family safe.
  • Watch for traffic – if you let your children play in the front yard, make sure that they stay on the grass or sidewalk and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic.

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