Can You Handle A Power Outage?

Can You Handle A Power Outage?

Get ready for a blackout before one happens with these tips.

A blackout can leave you scrambling to find a flashlight somewhere in your house. Taking the right steps to ensure that you are ready for a blackout before the lights go out can help to keep your family safe. Keep these power outage preparation tips in mind to ensure you are ready for the dark.

  • Survival – an extended power outage can put everyone in your house in danger, especially in the cold winter temperatures. Make sure you have ways to light up your house, such as a lantern or candles, as well as a plan to stay warm. Covering your windows with blankets and putting on extra layers will help you stay warm until the power goes back on.
  • Sanitation – without power, most of your appliances will stop working, including your hot water heater. Without hot water, you will not be able to sanitize your dishes or clothes. Consider a backup of how to sanitize things when the power is out, such as an outdoor stove to boil water.
  • Sustenance – without power, your refrigerator and freezer will not work to keep your food cold. As soon as the power goes out, try to avoid opening your fridge. Keeping it closed will help to keep your food colder. If the power is out for an extended period of time, throwing out all your food is the best way to avoid any food borne illnesses.
  • Sanity – not having any power can easily test the limits of everyone’s sanity. Keeping a few puzzles or board games on hand will help to keep you occupied until the lights come back on.

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