How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Bash This Year!

How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Bash This Year!

String the lights, turn up the holiday music, and party!

The holidays are a time to party! It’s ideal to gather around with friends and family, celebrating the year and festivities. As it’s the party season, you may be tempted (or it’s tradition) to throw a holiday bash. So that you can make this year your best yet, read on for tips on how to throw the perfect holiday party!

Streamline Decorations

Choose a color and then use varying shades for a tone-on-tone effect. If you use red flowers for your party, stick to all red but bring in different red flowers for texture and variance. Use plenty of candles, but place them in safe areas where no one will knock them over or catch fire! It’s a cheaper alternative to loads of flowers, and everyone looks better in candlelight.

Make it Personal

Making a party personal adds a special touch. Even a small gesture such as personalizing napkins or adding everyone’s name to a stocking above the fire can make a big difference.

Gather Supplies

The food and drinks don’t have to be the most expensive or highest quality, but there should be enough to go around. People may not remember what they ate, but they will remember if you run out of something. Choose your favorite holiday foods to supply your guests with festive treats!

Set the Mood

Meet and greet your guests, taking their coat and getting them a drink. A guest arriving at a festive party with holiday music and smiles all around makes for a fun bash!

Make Them Wow

Put at least one unique twist on your party. Whether you have a surprise visit from Santa or add a champagne tower to your table, one festive twist is sure to make your guests remember your holiday party!

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