Holiday Parties – Are You Covered?

Holiday Parties – Are You Covered?

Will you be hosting a holiday party this year?  Will you celebrate with some bubbly? You may be surprised to learn that your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t provide complete coverage should a guest be involved in a driving incident after leaving your party. If you’re not fully insured, you could be held liable when intoxicated guests leave your party and get behind the wheel.


In most states, a Host Law is in place to hold homeowners accountable when they provide alcoholic beverages to minors or to guests that are already impaired. To avoid being held responsible for the behavior of guests after leaving your party, contact your insurance provider and find out if they cover this liability.  If they do not, you may consider taking out an umbrella policy to avoid future legal expenses.


Please be aware:  Umbrella coverage often stops when you serve an individual understanding that he/she is already intoxicated. When this happens, you will be held responsible if your guest is involved in a drinking and driving accident after leaving your party.


To remain responsible as the host of your holiday party, it is wise to remain sober.  Another suggestion is to have a bartender serve all drinks.  When guests serve themselves, it may be impossible to keep tabs on how much alcohol your guests have consumed. Holiday parties can be wonderful fun, so make sure that your party is memorable for all the right reasons.


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