Healthy Snacks For The Kids

Hungry kids can be grouchy and lethargic, but so many treats on the market are unhealthy. What to do? Use these simple, healthy snack ideas to tide your kids over until dinner time.

  • Crackers and peanut butter. It’s got protein, it’s simple to make and it’s tasty! This will keep your kids going all afternoon.
  • Frozen yogurt pops. Your kids will ooh and ahh over healthy popsicles made out of frozen yogurt and fresh berries. Yum!
  • Fruit. Mix up a bowl of fresh berries, or prepare some apple slices with peanut butter. Freeze blueberries for a refreshing snack on a hot summer afternoon.
  • Boiled eggs wrapped in tortilla. Boiled eggs are easy to keep on hand and they provide kids with a burst of protein. For a heartier snack, toss in some shredded cheese.
  • Smoothies. Pop some yogurt, berries and milk in a blender. Add ice on a hot summer afternoon.
  • Granola. You can buy it in a bag or make your own by tossing rolled oats, honey, nuts and a little olive oil together in a bowl. Bake it at 250 degrees for an hour, stirring frequently.

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