Underrated Driving Skills to Teach Your Teen Behind the Wheel

Underrated Driving Skills to Teach Your Teen Behind the Wheel

Help your driving teen become familiar with difficult situations by navigating these challenging skills.

When a teenage driver gets behind the wheel, it’s only natural for parents to panic. However, remember that this is an exciting time for your child because it means freedom and learning new skills that will stay with them for their whole life. So, you want to ensure they are safe, useful skills. No pressure, right? While their professional instructor will take the wheel on teaching them the basics of the road, it may be up to you to practice with them to ensure that he or she feels comfortable. In turn, this can help them to be a safer driver.

Here are a few tricky skills that you probably haven’t practiced with your teen (but should!).

  • Different Stoplights

One way systems, unprotected left turns, flashing yellow lights, busy crosswalks… There’s plenty of different stoplights to learn. Even though certain intersections can be trickier than others, practicing them will help your teen driver to learn about staying aware of pedestrians, turning vehicles, and gauging when they can make a turn.

  • Road Trips

If your teen’s longest drive has been to the grocery store and back, they might not be prepared for what driving long distances feels like. It’s often wise to give them some practice some long-range driving. We’re not talking hours on end, but a good hour or two will teach them how to stay focused for longer drives.

  • Distracted Driving

Distractions in the car are everywhere, from the radio to cell phones to the smartwatch on your teen’s wrist. Even so, it’s no secret that a large amount of accidents are caused by distracted driving. Once your teen has built up confidence on the road, practice driving with the radio on a low volume to get him or her used to background noise. Educate your child on why they should never use their phone behind the wheel and to turn off or put away anything that will distract them.

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