Don’t Let Your Halloween Candy Land You In The Hospital

Don’t Let Your Halloween Candy Land You In The Hospital

Consider these safety tips when trick or treating with your kids.

If you ask any kid what their favorite part of Halloween is, you will probably get one of two answers: their costume or the candy. While you may think that Halloween can do no more harm than cause a tummy ache, there could actually be a number of other hidden dangers. Keep these Halloween candy safety tips in mind to help ensure that you and your kids can fully enjoy the holiday.

  • Try to discourage your children from snacking on candy while they are out  Eating a healthy, filling meal before you head out can help to reduce their urge to munch while walking around the neighborhood.
  • Tell your children that they should not eat, or even accept, any candy that is not sealed tight or commercially wrapped.
  • When you get back home from trick or treating, encourage your kids to show off their loot piece by piece. Not only will it help to discourage them from eating any candy before they get home, but it will also give you a chance to inspect each piece of candy.
  • Live by the motto “when it doubt, throw it out” when it comes to your children’s Halloween candy. Throw away any candy that is open or looks like it has been tampered with.
  • Consider asking your kids to trade in some or all of their candy for a reward, such as the chance to stay up an extra hour on any day of their choosing or skipping out on a chore day. You can donate their extra candy to kids in need or even their school.

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