Graduation And Prom Safety Tips That Could Save Your Child’s Life

Graduation And Prom Safety Tips That Could Save Your Child’s Life

In high school, some of the many memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life are graduation and prom.  Both of these events are generally followed by parties and celebrations. While these are supposed to be happy events that bring with them happy memories, sometimes tragedies do occur.  However, with a little forethought and preplanning, those tragedies could have been prevented.

Here are some graduation and prom safety tips that could help save your child’s life.

1.  Find out if the party is a school sponsored function or if it will be an off-site event.  If it’s an off-site event, visit the location and find out if it’s appropriate and talk with whomever will be chaperoning.

2.  Talk to your kids about drinking and driving and how to handle themselves if drugs become a part of the party.  Show them real world consequences of what could happen.  Which could mean a visit to the police department or some accident videos, etc.

3.  You should remind your child about the importance of never leaving their food and drink unattended due to the potential for date rape drugs, etc.

4.  Role play with your child using questions and answers about what to say and how to get out of uncomfortable situations such as riding with an intoxicated driver, alcohol, drugs or unwanted sexual advances, etc.

5.  If your child will be riding in a limo with other party goers, make sure it’s a reputable limo service who will not allow anyone to bring alcohol into the vehicle.

There are so many things about pre-party planning and conversations you should have with your child before he or she goes to the prom or any prom after parties.  Spend a little time performing a little due diligence about what you should say and how to say it.

Your kids may seem embarrassed or may seem like they’re brushing you off.  But don’t worry, they’re listening.  So don’t skip "the talk" just because you think they already know these things.  A serious reminder just before the event could save their life.

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