Get Your Home Ready For The Autumn Season With These 3 Tips

Get Your Home Ready For The Autumn Season With These 3 Tips

With the brisk Fall air causing people to don on their sweaters, it’s time to get your home ready for Autumn before the weather turns worse. There are several things you can do to clean up the house when the seasons change so you won’t experience more serious problems later on that require you to file a homeowners insurance claim.

1. Clean out the gutters. The gutters can fill up with dead leaves, debris and muck that doesn’t allow rain water to drain properly. This rain water can overflow and run down the siding of your house, affecting the foundation. So take a weekend to get on the ladder and remove all obstructions.

2. Inspect the heating system. You don’t want to discover something is wrong with the furnace after the temperature drops. Have it regularly serviced to ensure it is working properly. Also clear out the vents and clean the filters so you get optimal air flow through the ducts.

3. Seal drafts along windows. Those pesky drafts can lower the amount of warm air in the home and increase your energy bill as you run the furnace constantly. Check for drafts around windows and seal up cracks to stay warm during the cool Fall temperatures.

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