Get ready for spring by insuring your motorcycle, ATV and other ‘toys’

Get ready for spring by insuring your motorcycle, ATV and other ‘toys’

It won’t be long before spring arrives, and with it the urge among people of all ages to play outside. 

Have you spent time this winter preparing your outdoor recreation vehicles for the spring and summer seasons? Sure, you will need to make sure each toy, including your motorcycle and/or ATV is mechanically sound and ready for action, but don’t neglect to make sure each is insured adequately as well. 

It is important to insure your recreational vehicles for the same reasons you carry auto insurance on your car or truck. Insurance can cover medical expenses for you or anyone else who rides on your ATV or motorcycle in the event of an injury. 

Such insurance can also protect you from losing your assets if someone sues you for crashing into them or their property. 

There are insurance packages available for nearly anything with wheels, so do not assume that your newest toy is exempt. 

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and have questions about insuring your vehicles or toys, contact Aimpro to learn more. 


Author: Aimpro Insurance
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