7 Essential Fireplace Safety Tips for Homeowners

7 Essential Fireplace Safety Tips for Homeowners

A fireplace in your home can be a source of warmth, a beautiful decor, and a source of light. On the flip side, if not properly maintained, a fireplace could easily result in uncontrolled fire accidents. Fireplace fires are a common occurrence, especially if you do not take preventive measures to forestall the occurrence.

In this guide, we have outlined some fireplace safety tips you can use to prevent accidental fires and keep your home safe.

1. Avoid Water

Water and electricity never mix well. Bathrooms, kitchens, and poolside areas are not the best places to install an electric fireplace. Make sure that your electric fireplace doesn’t come in contact with water.

2. Regular Mold Checks

Mold checks are important, especially if you have a ventless fireplace. A humidity increase can cause mold buildup, which is harmful and can hinder the fireplace from functioning effectively. Perform a biweekly mold check and remove any mold that is discovered, thus maintaining your fireplace.

3. Anti-Fire Equipment

Accidents can happen unannounced, but it is possible to mitigate the effects of such occurrences. Fire extinguishers and fireproof blankets are important must-have tools to protect your home in the event of an accidental fire. These materials will make it easier for you to handle any small fire outbreaks without professional assistance. If the fire spreads uncontrollably, contact the appropriate authorities for assistance.

4. Use Smoke Detectors

If you have a fireplace installed in your house, your smoke detectors must be placed at strategic points. These detectors will alert you if the fireplace is generating more smoke than it should. Remember, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so it is important to pay attention to your smoke detector.

5. Avoid Using Extension Cords

It is not advisable to plug an electric fireplace into an extension cord as it could overheat, cause sparks, and start a fire. This is an important house fire safety tip because it is important to power your fireplace directly through wall outlets. Avoid the temptation of using extension cords at all costs.

6. Stay Alert While Around a Fireplace

Never leave your fireplace unattended. Even a small spark or a hot ember could ignite the carpet, furniture, or any other household appliance/furniture in its vicinity. Always make sure to extinguish the fire before going to sleep or leaving your house.

7. Keep Your Chimney Clean

The National Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning your chimney at least once a year. You can either clean it yourself or hire a chimney sweep on the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website.

In this guide, we have discussed some home fire prevention and safety tips that will help you protect your home from fireplace disasters. Even with the best safety tips, accidents can still happen. Wouldn’t you rather be protected if things go south? For all your insurance needs, reach out to the experts at AimPro. We are an insurance agency dedicated to finding you the best insurance deals and saving you money on your premium. Call us today!

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