Emergency Kit Essentials

Emergency Kit Essentials

What to Keep In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Each time you get behind the wheel of your car, you are probably only hoping that you do not hit any traffic on the way to your destination. However, it is also important to make sure that you are prepared for any unfortunate situation that you may encounter on the road. Make sure that your car’s emergency kit includes these 4 essentials to ensure that you are prepared for any peril.

  1. First aid kit – your first aid kit should include items to take care of everything from a small scrape to a more serious wound. Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, and antiseptic wipes are all essential to your first aid kit.
  2. Jumper cables – if you find yourself stuck on the road, you may be able to get up and going with just a simple jump. Keeping jumper cables in your car will help to ensure that you do not have to hope the next passing driver has some of their own.
  3. Tow rope – invest in a weather resistant towing cable that can tow at least 6,000 pounds. A dependable towing rope will help to ensure that you are able to get your car to a safe location, even without the help of a tow truck.
  4. Water and snacks – there is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road, except being hungry and thirsty while being stuck on the side of the road. Keep water and non-perishable snacks in your car to ensure that you can keep your energy up while you wait for help.

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