Electronic Proof of Insurance Is Becoming Widely Accepted

Electronic Proof of Insurance Is Becoming Widely Accepted

Electronic Insurance Cards

Smartphones are doing more than ever. From unlocking your front door to paying for your latte, it may seem like the only device that you need to bring with you is your phone. Your phone has gone even further and may even be used to show proof of insurance if you are ever stopped while driving.

As of January 2015, 37 states, including Arizona, allows drivers to use an electronic copy of their insurance card shown on their cell phone during a traffic stop. The acceptance of e-cards has continued to grow since 2012, when Idaho became the first state in the country to start accepting electronic insurance cards.

The way that electronic insurance cards work depends on the specific insurance company. Some insurers will provide an electronic copy of the insurance ID on their own specific mobile app, while other companies offer a digital version that can be downloaded from their website. Drivers are allowed to show their electronic proof of insurance on any device that they have, including smartphones and tablets. All the states that allow electronic proof of insurance will also allow paper copies to be used for drivers who do not want to use their phone or tablet.

One of the major benefits that is offered by digital insurance cards is allowing customers immediate access to their coverage, without having to deal with digging through their glove box. However, if people stop carrying paper proof of insurance it could cause a serious problem in the case that a person’s phone dies or a clear picture is not able to load.

No matter which way you prefer to show your proof of insurance if you get pulled over, having the right car insurance can ensure that you have the right amount of protection. Contact Aimpro Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona for all of your auto insurance needs.

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